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New AVANT HD Flail And Mulcher Attachments Designed For South Africa


New HD Flail and Mulcher For AVANT – Designed for SA Conditions

AVANT SA have proudly unveiled further enhancements to its Mini Loader attachment offering, with new HD Flail and Mulcher attachments that have been specifically designed to interact optimally with South African conditions.

AVANT is responsible for production of the most versatile machines in the industry, and their Mini Loaders and Mini Diggers are known to be amongst the best in South Africa, with an incredible selection of attachments that are able to be changed in seconds and used to simplify any task, be it on the farm, in the construction yard or in a mining environment.

South African conditions present unique challenges for various industries, and as far as mulching and flail moving is concerned, AVANT understood the need to specifically cater to the SA market with design elements that would set the AVANT Mini Loader apart from its competition in yet more ways.

Improvements to the previous flail design include a renewed floating system and more cutting power through a renewed blade configuration. This means that the flail mower is the ideal cutting device for places where you need a great deal of cutting power and a rougher cut will do. The most common grounds for flail mowers are places with taller vegetation like meadows, road banks and yard areas.

The same principle is in place for mulching, as the AVANT Mini Loaders allow for this to take place on rougher terrain thanks to the new design.

Treacherous ground conditions in certain parts of the country can now be navigated in an uncomplicated and efficient manner through to use of these new attachments, as mowing with the flail mower and mulching is made far easier thanks to the AVANT Mini Loader and the new HD flail and mulching attachments.

The new set of attachments are available alongside a dedicated selection of other AVANT attachments for use in the farming, mining, construction, digging, landscaping, wood processing, property and ground-care maintenance industries.

10 Agricultural Use Advantages Of AVANT Loader Versus Skidsteer


AVANT is responsible for production of the most versatile machines in the industry, and their Mini Loaders and Mini Diggers are known to be amongst the best in South Africa.


With regards to farming in particular, the AVANT Loader is in a class of its own, and we decided to make a comparison with the skidsteer for agricultural use by looking at 10 advantages that the articulated AVANT Mini Loader has when compared to the skidsteer equivalent.


1) Lighter: Avant Loaders weigh almost half of the weight of skidsteer loaders, and can therefore be transported much easier and more cost effectively, making this an ideal consideration for farmers.


2) Easier Maintenance: Maintenance is a great deal easier to undertake with AVANT Mini Loaders due to the modern design of the machines, and the fact that service parts are less expensive.


3) Tyre Wear Not An Issue: Tyre wear is a costly element on any skidsteer loader, but this is not the case on articulated AVANT loaders, and that makes a big difference in terms of running costs.


4) Better Fuel Consumption Stats: Fuel consumption on a skidsteer works out to more than double that of the AVANT equivalent, because the drivetrain requires 70 per cent engine power at all operation times.


5) Increased Visibility: The 360 degree visibility that the AVANT Loaders provide is a fantastic advantage for a farmer versus the skidsteer.


6) Attachment Variety: There is a far greater range of attachments available on AVANT Mini Loaders, giving farmers a vast selection of uses that the AVANT can conform to, allowing the machines to assist with agricultural tasks.


7) Ability To Work On Sensitive Surfaces: The drive system on AVANT Loaders make it possible for these machines to work on sensitive areas such as lawns and other farming land surfaces.


8) Better Lifting Capacity: The Lifting capacity on AVANT Loaders is greater than the similar skidsteer models, allowing farmers to make better use of the loaders from AVANT for multiple uses on the farm.


9) Telescopic Booms Able To Reach Higher: Another important advantage that the AVANT Loader has on its counterpart is the ability of its Telescopic Booms to reach higher than skidsteer models are capable of reaching, which can be invaluable in any situation, and especially with regards to agricultural applications where AVANT machines can be used.


10) Simpler Operation: Operating the AVANT Loader with a steering wheel and one joystick for boom movements makes it much less complicated than the skidsteer loaders to operate, which is always worthwhile for anyone required to operate the loaders.