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Root Grapple




Forestry Attachments

The root grapple is widely used in the tree industry, and it works also in other jobs where different types of debris needs to be handled. It is equipped with the same grapples as the demolition grapple buckets, but the bottom part is made of strong steel bars. This allows:

  • easy grabbing and handling of branches, tree trunks, rocks or just any type of debris  

  • tearing roots from the ground

  • soil & similar debris to drop to the ground between the bars when handling logs, branches etc. =>  when feeding wood to the wood chipper the chipper stays cleaner

Two models available: 1300 mm wide with two hydraulically operated grapples, and a narrower 1000 mm model with one grapple. The hydraulic cylinders and hoses of the grapples are well protected with metal covers.

  • Versatile attachment for handling of timber and other debris

  • Strong tines make it possible to tear roots from the ground