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AVANT Mini Digger Attachments Empowering Farmers


AVANT South Africa provide an incredible array of farming attachments that fit to the AVANT Mini Digger in order to assist farmers to become more productive and efficient with their daily work.


The multiple functions that are enabled through the use of AVANT’s attachments allow farmers to take on numerous jobs on the farm that they would previously needed to do by hand, making it far more difficult and costing the farmer more both financially and in terms of the extra time saved.


There are currently over 100 attachments that are built to be used with AVANT South Africa machinery, and 25 specific attachments that have been designed for use in the Mini Digger farming range, empowering farmers to produce more, easier and in less time.


Many farmers would agree that the AVANT attachments are a godsend, as the farming process is one that has always involved hard work, special skills and a variety of tools to complete numerous farming applications, but with the AVANT Mini Digger on hand the load is lightened.


The round and square bale grab attachments ensure that farmers are able to pick up and transport wrapped silage bales and hay bales in either format without damaging the plastic wrapping or net, which allows the Mini Digger to be converted into a transporter or silage distributor if needed.


There are also a range of fork attachments from silage to bale which come in handy for a number of functionalities, while other attachments such as the push broom, horse arena harrow and grain dispenser bucket increase the list of capabilities that the AVANT Mini Digger possesses for farmers.


The AVANT machines help farmers with distribution of grain and other types of fodder, transporting of heavy items, bale moving, sweeping, lawn mowing and loading jobs, thanks to a well-designed arsenal of AVANT loader farming attachments.