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Leguan Lift 165 Series

boom lift for heavy use

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  • 230 kg platform capacity
  • Leguan on wheels or with a crawler track chassis
  • Kubota diesel engine and 230V propelling
  • Easy to transport

Leguan 165 is an access platform with unbeatable features, designed for heavy duty professional and rental use.

In the design of the Leguan 165 special attention has been paid to durability, strength and user friendliness.


Leguan 165 Benefits

  • - Longer wheelbase, stable chassis and more power in the driving system > improved and more stable driveability
  • - The four wheel drive system can easily be replaced by the track driving system(Modification should be carried out with an authorised Leguan representative)
  • - Longer wheelbase & level tracks has improved drive comfort & reduced tremor.
  • - Automatic pressure sensing double pump control for driving and outrigger operation
  • - Stronger booms, bigger lifting cylinders, stable and soft boom movements
  • - Quick release system for the work cage
  • - Inductive limit switches > less disturbances during the operation
  • - Improved filtration system for the fuel and hydraulic systems
  • - Bigger diesel tank
  • - Decreased operation pressure in the hydraulic system > decreased fuel consumption
  • - Light indication in the work cage for the centering of the booms when stowing
  • - Automatic time controlled pre-heat for diesel engine
  • - 12 VDC outlet in the basket
  • - PCB with light indicated relay controls > easier trouble shooting


Special works
Leguan has been the right choice for many very special jobs.

It is working as a maintenance machine on a luxury cruise ship; helps trimming trees on Christmas tree farms; is used in various rescue jobs etc. This shows very well the versatility of the Leguan and its usefulness in a multitude of jobs.
Rental companies
The customer base of the Leguan is very wide. It is very well suited for private users, construction companies, installation companies, as well as for industrial maintenance.

The uncomplicated design of the Leguan makes it a very reliable and trouble free access platform. For rental companies the Leguan is a very productive and reliable partner.

New optional items:
Horn, Lights for work cage controls and for the lower control center, Work lights at the work cage, Remote control for driving, Tool trays at the work cage, Increasing the driving speed to 5,2 km/h.


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