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Avant Optidrive


The drive system in Avant loaders consists of a variable displacement hydraulic pump, four hydraulic drive motors and some valves which are connected together with hydraulic hoses and fittings.

This system where the drive power is conveyed from engine (electric motor on Avant e series) to the wheels using hydraulic oil is often referred to as drive circuit. Instead of mechanical axles Avant uses a design where there are four separate hydraulic drive motors, one on each wheel of the loader.

Avant was the first manufacturer to design and utilize such a system in a compact loader. This system has proven to be very effective, offering lots of pushing power and yet enabling a very compact design to the loader while maintaining an extremely low center of gravity, which is an important part of the great stability of Avant loaders.

Through research & development Avant has now improved this system with an innovative way of rethinking. When hydraulic oil flows at high flow rate in the drive circuit – in hydraulic hoses, fittings, motors and valves – the resistance in these components heats up the hydraulic oil. The more there are hoses and fittings, the quicker the oil heats up, which means that all that unnecessary heat generated in the system uses a part of the engine output in vain. This also results in higher fuel consumption, and less engine power is available for the actual job.

In the new system the amount of hydraulic hoses and fittings has been radically reduced and optimized, where the name Optidrive™ derives from as well.


The principal benefits of the new Optidrive™ are:

  • 10% better performance
  • 60% less hydraulic connections
  • 20% less hoses
  • Parking brake in rear wheels
  • Less heat build up
  • Less engine vibrations in Avant 700 series
  • Better hydraulic connector system
  • Better servicing

Better performance

The Optidrive™ reduces the power loss in the system by up to 1,5 kW, which is roughly 10 % of the total power used in drive circuit. This means lower fuel consumption, less heat in the hydraulic system and more power for the actual job.

Less heat build up

All of the four hydraulic drive motors in the drive circuit use flushing oil to cool the motors down when the loader is working. Especially when travelling longer distances at high travel speed the cooling is essential. On Optidrive™ the amount of flushing oil in the drive motors is 5 times bigger compared to old system, providing a far better cooling of the drive circuit.


Smaller amount of hoses and fittings

Depending on the Avant model the Optidrive™ eliminates at least three hoses from the system without losing any of the features on the loader.

This is achieved through intelligent new design with the valves (drive release valve, parking brake valve, dual speed valve) mounted together on one hydraulic block.

The amount of fittings is radically reduced. The Optidrive™ features approx. 30 fittings less (-60 %) compared to old drive circuit. There are also far less 90 degree angle fittings and T-junction fittings that are less optimal for hydraulic flow.

Parking brake in rear wheels

In order to get the best possible grip on all load and terrain situations the parking brake on the Optidrive™ is situated in the rear wheels of the loader. Rear weights, load on the boom, uphill, downhill etc. have therefore a smaller effect on the loader’s rear wheels and thus the loader stays more securely on place when parking brake is engaged.

Engine vibrations

The Optidrive™ also has an effect on the weight and balance of the engine and pump assembly on the loader. The altered weight distribution also lead to developing new engine mounts (vibration dampers) that are optimized to the new load and balance of the assembly. This optimization resulted in reducing the total vibrations of the 700 series loaders. This is especially notable in the noise level inside the cab LX and DLX. The new larger engine mounts reduce vibrations by 50 % on Avant 745 and 750, and by 37 % on Avant 755i and 760i.

Better reliability

The Optidrive™ has the new Parker EO3 fitting system in all of the high pressure hoses and fittings. This new system has a dial on the fitting, which shows clearly the required torque to which the fitting shall be tightened.

Also less fittings and less hoses equal to less possibility of a hydraulic leak.

Better servicing

Less hydraulic connections, the new fitting system and more space to work with in the engine bay and front hydraulic motors area all provide a better servicing experience.


The Optidrive™ has a centralized valve system, which collects all drive circuit valving into one valve block located in the front frame of the machine. Drive release valve, parking brake valve and dual speed valve on 750 and 760i are now all located in the same valve block.

Bin on the Ground


Bin on the ground met Avant & Krokodil trailer is the future with massive savings during harvest period.
Contact us for details.  021 851 0722




Avant is a powerful landscaper’s tool that will impress both the operator and the customer. We have created an amazingly versatile loader that will take care of both landscaping and maintenance of your garden and green areas.

With Avant loaders and attachments you can create smooth surfaces with an astonishing finish that will keep on impressing operators and customers alike!

Our comprehensive and extensive selection of loader attachments will cover all your landscaping & maintenance needs.


Articulated steering and light frame allow Avant loaders to be driven gently on delicate surfaces such as grass, building foundations and paving. There’s also plenty of power for all the heavy-duty jobs required, such as handling fertilizer sacks and stone pallets.

Our loaders’ thrust power is among the best for their size. Spreading surface materials, such as crushed stone and stone dust, is quick and effective with Avant.

Hydrostatic transmission and the joystick-operated telescopic boom add control precision and help you to create an exceptional finish.




Always the star of the show at any expo involving construction, mining or agricultural machines, AVANT was present with a stall at the recently concluded BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA event, which took place at the Johannesburg Expo Centre from Tuesday, September 15 to Friday, September 18.

BAUMA CONEXPO AFRICA is an international trade fair involving construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles, and is attended by many key industry players each year.

Representatives of AVANT SA were proudly available to answer questions, give out product information and demonstrate the latest innovations concerning the AVANT machines, and the crowds that attended the expo were impressed with the capabilities of the versatile machines and their new developments.

AVANT SA took advantage of the four day event to unveil a few new elements of their product offering following a great deal of work that went into research and development.

Amongst the new improvements was a remote controlled AVANT machine which has been specially designed and developed in South Africa for use in the mining industry.

This is incredibly valuable, as it means that these machines can be used in dangerous areas such as mine shafts or on ground that is unstable without putting a life in jeopardy, thanks to the innovative remote controlled access that the operator will now enjoy.

Other elements that were unveiled included flame proof AVANT machines, as well as the awaited launch of the powerful and environmentally friendly AVANT 760i, a completely new model which also happens to be the biggest loader from the company (pictured above).

Six Reasons Why AVANT Machines Have Serious Credibility


AVANT machines are known for their supreme quality and durability thanks to the many people who use the machines within various industries, but from a South African perspective we thought it would be interesting to look into the credibility of the AVANT brand.


So with that in mind, we take a closer look at six reasons why AVANT’s credibility as a world-leader in terms of Mini-Loaders and Mini-Diggers of distinction, combined with over 100 attachments, is at an all-time high.


1) Genuine 2-year factory warranty – AVANT have a great deal of faith in the products that they produce, which means that they believe in the durability of the machines that are made. A 2-year factory warranty ensures that any problems within that time are dealt with professionally and addressed immediately.


2) Track record with references since 2006 – AVANT SA has been in the business of mini machines for nine years, and during that time the company has developed a reputation for excellence and a track record of many happy customers who have only positive things to say about AVANT.


3) Country-wide support system – To ensure the best possible after sales service and support, AVANT SA works hard to ensure that they provide all of their customers with support throughout South Africa.


4) Guaranteed parts delivery within 7 working days – Not only can customers expect country-wide service and support in South Africa, but they also guarantee that parts for AVANT machines will be delivered to customers with 7 working days of the request being made.


5) Imported from Finland – AVANT machines are top of the line, with each Mini Loader and Mini Digger imported directly from Finland. This provides customers with the peace of mind that their machines are of the utmost quality, direct from Europe where the research and development continues to produce the latest state-of-the-art machinery and attachments.


6) Sold in more than 50 countries since 1991 – The fact that AVANT machines are sold to customers in over 50 countries since the early 90s is an indication of the quality that comes standard with all of the AVANT products, and the growing global reputation that defines AVANT’s credibility.



AVANT Machines Incredibly Useful On The Farm


AVANT machines have the advantage of being compatible with a huge range of attachments, making the AVANT Mini Loaders the must have machine for all sort of jobs.


 From moving hay and straw bales, levelling fields and arenas, towing horseboxes and trailers, moving muck, cutting grass, trimming hedges, stacking materials, loading lorries and clearing cow sheds, the functionalities of these machines have been proven by farmers throughout the world who love the flexibility and usability of AVANT machines.



 Agriculture is an industry that is synonymous with hard work and countless tasks that need doing, but with AVANT Loaders these tasks are far more manageable. The listed functions below represent a selection of tasks that farmers globally have been able to perform with ease thanks to AVANT:


 Silage distribution: round and square bales, silage from silo and hay – all with the same machine.


 Distribution and Dispensing of grain: Grain and other fodder is easily distributed all over the farm with the Mini Loader.


 Cleaning of feeding table and cattle sheds: Attachments on the AVANT machines make the cleaning of feeding tables and cattle sheds, as well as demanuring and cleaning of slatted floors an uncomplicated process.


 Filling of mixer feeder wagons and feeding: Filling the wagons and helping with the feeding of farm animals is yet another useful application.


 Bale moving: Farmers relying on numerous farmhands to help with moving bale from one location to another will be pleased to make use of the AVANT Mini Loader and enjoy the machine’s supreme bale moving capabilities.


 All loading jobs: Whether this entails the handling of pallets and other heavier loads, or even things like wood chip loading to and from storage, or transporting of fertilizer sacks and big bags, the AVANT range is on hand to make life that much easier.


 Sweeping of yards and machine sheds: This job is never the most pleasant, but farmers are getting this done far quicker thanks to the functionality and speed that AVANT affords them.


 Sand spreading and Snow removal: These elements can be tedious and extremely time-consuming when done in traditional ways, but with AVANT machines they are a breeze.


 Lawn mowing and stone collecting: Especially on farms where the terrain is not even or flat, as the Mini Loaders thrive in these conditions.


 Building jobs: These are made easier thanks to the various functionalities of the AVANT machines.


 Working in horse stables: Tasks that previously needed to be done slowly by hand in the horse stable are sped up and simplified immensely.


 With so many uses accomplished by the AVANT machines, it is a fact that farmers who use these Mini Loaders cannot imagine having to go back to the old way of doing the above tasks.





New AVANT HD Flail And Mulcher Attachments Designed For South Africa


New HD Flail and Mulcher For AVANT – Designed for SA Conditions

AVANT SA have proudly unveiled further enhancements to its Mini Loader attachment offering, with new HD Flail and Mulcher attachments that have been specifically designed to interact optimally with South African conditions.

AVANT is responsible for production of the most versatile machines in the industry, and their Mini Loaders and Mini Diggers are known to be amongst the best in South Africa, with an incredible selection of attachments that are able to be changed in seconds and used to simplify any task, be it on the farm, in the construction yard or in a mining environment.

South African conditions present unique challenges for various industries, and as far as mulching and flail moving is concerned, AVANT understood the need to specifically cater to the SA market with design elements that would set the AVANT Mini Loader apart from its competition in yet more ways.

Improvements to the previous flail design include a renewed floating system and more cutting power through a renewed blade configuration. This means that the flail mower is the ideal cutting device for places where you need a great deal of cutting power and a rougher cut will do. The most common grounds for flail mowers are places with taller vegetation like meadows, road banks and yard areas.

The same principle is in place for mulching, as the AVANT Mini Loaders allow for this to take place on rougher terrain thanks to the new design.

Treacherous ground conditions in certain parts of the country can now be navigated in an uncomplicated and efficient manner through to use of these new attachments, as mowing with the flail mower and mulching is made far easier thanks to the AVANT Mini Loader and the new HD flail and mulching attachments.

The new set of attachments are available alongside a dedicated selection of other AVANT attachments for use in the farming, mining, construction, digging, landscaping, wood processing, property and ground-care maintenance industries.

10 Agricultural Use Advantages Of AVANT Loader Versus Skidsteer


AVANT is responsible for production of the most versatile machines in the industry, and their Mini Loaders and Mini Diggers are known to be amongst the best in South Africa.


With regards to farming in particular, the AVANT Loader is in a class of its own, and we decided to make a comparison with the skidsteer for agricultural use by looking at 10 advantages that the articulated AVANT Mini Loader has when compared to the skidsteer equivalent.


1) Lighter: Avant Loaders weigh almost half of the weight of skidsteer loaders, and can therefore be transported much easier and more cost effectively, making this an ideal consideration for farmers.


2) Easier Maintenance: Maintenance is a great deal easier to undertake with AVANT Mini Loaders due to the modern design of the machines, and the fact that service parts are less expensive.


3) Tyre Wear Not An Issue: Tyre wear is a costly element on any skidsteer loader, but this is not the case on articulated AVANT loaders, and that makes a big difference in terms of running costs.


4) Better Fuel Consumption Stats: Fuel consumption on a skidsteer works out to more than double that of the AVANT equivalent, because the drivetrain requires 70 per cent engine power at all operation times.


5) Increased Visibility: The 360 degree visibility that the AVANT Loaders provide is a fantastic advantage for a farmer versus the skidsteer.


6) Attachment Variety: There is a far greater range of attachments available on AVANT Mini Loaders, giving farmers a vast selection of uses that the AVANT can conform to, allowing the machines to assist with agricultural tasks.


7) Ability To Work On Sensitive Surfaces: The drive system on AVANT Loaders make it possible for these machines to work on sensitive areas such as lawns and other farming land surfaces.


8) Better Lifting Capacity: The Lifting capacity on AVANT Loaders is greater than the similar skidsteer models, allowing farmers to make better use of the loaders from AVANT for multiple uses on the farm.


9) Telescopic Booms Able To Reach Higher: Another important advantage that the AVANT Loader has on its counterpart is the ability of its Telescopic Booms to reach higher than skidsteer models are capable of reaching, which can be invaluable in any situation, and especially with regards to agricultural applications where AVANT machines can be used.


10) Simpler Operation: Operating the AVANT Loader with a steering wheel and one joystick for boom movements makes it much less complicated than the skidsteer loaders to operate, which is always worthwhile for anyone required to operate the loaders.



AVANT Mini Digger Attachments Empowering Farmers


AVANT South Africa provide an incredible array of farming attachments that fit to the AVANT Mini Digger in order to assist farmers to become more productive and efficient with their daily work.


The multiple functions that are enabled through the use of AVANT’s attachments allow farmers to take on numerous jobs on the farm that they would previously needed to do by hand, making it far more difficult and costing the farmer more both financially and in terms of the extra time saved.


There are currently over 100 attachments that are built to be used with AVANT South Africa machinery, and 25 specific attachments that have been designed for use in the Mini Digger farming range, empowering farmers to produce more, easier and in less time.


Many farmers would agree that the AVANT attachments are a godsend, as the farming process is one that has always involved hard work, special skills and a variety of tools to complete numerous farming applications, but with the AVANT Mini Digger on hand the load is lightened.


The round and square bale grab attachments ensure that farmers are able to pick up and transport wrapped silage bales and hay bales in either format without damaging the plastic wrapping or net, which allows the Mini Digger to be converted into a transporter or silage distributor if needed.


There are also a range of fork attachments from silage to bale which come in handy for a number of functionalities, while other attachments such as the push broom, horse arena harrow and grain dispenser bucket increase the list of capabilities that the AVANT Mini Digger possesses for farmers.


The AVANT machines help farmers with distribution of grain and other types of fodder, transporting of heavy items, bale moving, sweeping, lawn mowing and loading jobs, thanks to a well-designed arsenal of AVANT loader farming attachments.