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Rough Terrain Forklift here in South Africa


Avant makes a multipurpose machine which can also be utilised as a rough terrain forklift.
Because of its compactness, the machine can go anywhere including tights spots and small confined spaces.
The lifting capacity of the Avant is such that it can almost handle its own weight in lifting capacity.
Capable in rough terrain because of its all-wheel drive hydrostatic driven transmission, it is has a drive release system and anti-slip option which enables maximum traction which in turn acts as a diff lock system on a 4 wheel drive vehicle.
This creates maximum traction on all wheels to which no rival on the South African market can compete with.

The all-round visibility on the machine makes it a much better option a then a Skid steer without the weight of a Skid steer in a related sized product.
Less weight equals less impaction on the ground such as orchards and vineyards and sensitive surfaces.
The size of the Avant machine makes it versatile that it can be used during harvest as a forklift and out of season for other tasks on the farm such as drilling holes, digging and trenching, mowing lawn and mulching to name a few.


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