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Skip Bucket


Buckets, material handling


The new skip buckets are much larger than the earlier buckets and more like skip containers, but can be transported and emptied easily with Avant. The bucket can be equipped with castor wheels as an option. With them the bucket can be moved and filled by hand effortlessly e.g. in horse stables, on factory floors and similar tight situations where driving with the loader is not necessary or possible. A full bucket can then be taken away and emptied with Avant.

Replace the waste bins on the site with the skip bucket

Castor wheels available as an option (solid plastic wheels or pneumatic tires)

Supports instead of wheels available as an option – supports raise the rear and lower the front of the bucket by approx. 100 mm, which makes it easier to empty e.g. a wheelbarrow into the bucket


A418506 Castor wheels, 4 pcs (will increase bucket height by 165 mm)

A420800 Castor wheels, pneumatic tires, 4 pcs (will increase bucket height by 235 mm)


A420537 Supports, 4 pcs


A421005 Lifting brackets, 4 pcs


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