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2000mm and 2500mm

Property maintenance

Equipped with hydraulic blade slewing, Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for soil removal, earthmoving, chicken coop dozerblade work and similar jobs where the materials must be dozed away quickly.

Dozer blades 2000 and 2500 feature a completely new design. The blade is higher and more curved than earlier and moves material more efficiently to the side. Hydraulic slewing, spring release and skid shoes are standard equipment like before. So are the turnable 2x310 mm extensions which can be mounted in straight or collecting position.

The completely new floating system allows the blade to float vertically, which makes working on uneven surfaces considerably easier and more efficient. The blade can also float sideways ± 10°.

The floating system can be adjusted manually in three different positions:

  1.  Free floating – both vertically and sideways
  2.  Sideways floating ± 10° only, without vertical floating
  3.  Rigid position – both vertical and sideways floating locked with bolts
  • Two solid skid shoes which reduce blade wear and improve maneuverability
  • Robust construction and higher blade than on 1400 mm dozer blade, for more efficient dozing
  • Recommended for professional soil removal on larger areas
  • Turnable 2 x 310 mm extensions as standard, can be mounted in collection position or straight
  • Advanced blade floating system makes work easier on uneven surfaces
  • Support wheels, instead of skid shoes, available as an option – keep working height more constant when working on sensitive surfaces

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