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Removable narrowing plates – allow narrow placement ie. Trench filling on roads and using a single plate allows narrow strips to be laid or can be used to lay wider footpaths/sidewalks ie. A 2m wide footpath/sidewalk first strip is laid approx.. 500mm wide followed by second full width 1.5m strip.

Removable step plate – following feedback from users a step plate was requested to allow operator to place a foot over the laying area to adjust far jack on the depth plate

Offset – allows the Tarbox to be offset by 200mm to aid working close to walls

User tips – 1500 Tarbox lays approx. 10/12 heaped wheelbarrow loads quickly and level, reducing labour but users have provided some tips such as by leaving a slight gap between strips (such as 80-100mm) then rake between this leaves the material perfect and uniform, also by stopping just before the material runs out and leaving a small heap when the next strip is laid some distance back and again raked between the operators can quickly see the benefits and  in many instances can save expense of transporting a professional paver machine to site. 




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