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Backhoe Remote


Avant backhoe 260 is now available also with radio remote control (wired remote control will be available later). It allows the operator to stand next to the unit when digging and have a perfect, unrestricted field of vision to the work area. This is very useful for utility jobs, cemeteries and similar places where space is limited and exceptionally exact digging with total visibility is necessary.

The backhoe is equipped with a proportional control valve which guarantees easy and smooth operation and very exact movements of the booms and bucket with the joysticks of the remote control unit. If necessary, the movements can also be fine tuned.

Range of the radio remote control unit is about 100 m. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery with approx. 11 hour working cycle. Battery charging time is 4 hours. Battery charger is included – a 12V charger or a 80-230V mains current charger.

Backhoe 260 with remote control is a product of its own – it cannot be retrofitted on a standard backhoe 260.

  • Equipped with proportional control valve > stepless, smooth and exact movements with the joysticks of the remote control unit with range of about 100 m
  • Remote control battery is rechargeable, working cycle about 11 hours – charging time 4 hours

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