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Hydraulic Manifolds



There are various hydraulic manifolds with different functions available which mount on the attachment multi connector.


Flow divider valve

This manifold reduces the auxiliary hydraulics oil flow from the loader to the attachment by 50 {3738123352a89c9bc72524f42c226b7e1167f1cf4c95f752632ff70a99a50868}. This means that the attachment movement speed is 50 {3738123352a89c9bc72524f42c226b7e1167f1cf4c95f752632ff70a99a50868} slower, which can be useful in situations where a slower speed is required.

Product no.: A421684


Double check valve

The double check valve is a lock valve which prevents the hydraulic functions of the attachment (attachment’s hydraulic cylinder movements), in both directions, when the attachment is not in operation. This can be useful for instance with the log grab when handling delicate objects like kerb stones etc. – the lock valve makes sure that the grab cannot open.

Product no.: A422968


2-way adjustable pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve releases the excessive pressure which can be generated in the attachment if it is mishandled by e.g. pulling it too much with the loader. The opening pressure of the relief valve can be adjusted. The valve works both for incoming pressure from the loader and for the attachment pressure. In addition, there is a 3rd line (feed/tank line) in the manifold which means the valve works also when the attachment is equipped with hydraulic cylinder(s).

Product no.: A422104


Pressure gauges

The pressure gauges mount on the A422104 2-way adjustable pressure relief valve. With them it is easy to check the pressures in the attachment, from both lines.

Product no.: A422475


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