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New Avant Attachments

Fence mower

Fence mower is the perfect attachment for cutting grass under fences, roadside crash barriers, around trees etc. It can also be used to remove weed from road banks, around cornerstones and near buildings. The fence mower manoeuvres around fence posts easily: when the cutting head comes in contact with the post, the extension spring that is mounted between the mower frame and cutting head retracts the cutting head back after touching the post, allowing a smooth operation around the post. The tension and fastening point of the extension spring can be adjusted. In addition, there is a vertical floating system with 4 positions for aligning the cutting head.

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Tree boom

Tree boom is a simple and practical attachment for handling bigger tree trunks, pipes etc. objects which need to be lifted and placed with accuracy. It is otherwise the same attachment as the Avant big bag transporter A36221, but the manually adjustable telescoping boom doesn’t have a hook – instead the boom is straight and equipped with a pin for attaching lifting slings. This allows, for instance, lifting and planting bigger trees without the risk of damaging them. The frame design with side supports prevents the objects from swinging sideways.


Spring tine cultivator

The towable spring tine cultivator with 1500 mm working width is a useful attachment for the maintenance of outdoor horse arenas, for cultivating fields etc. There are 15 spring loaded S tines with replaceable teeth in two rows which cultivate the soil up to 100 mm depth, adjusted with the rear field roller. The design is basically the same as on the horse arena harrow, however the horse arena harrow with straight tines is intended just for levelling the surface whereas the spring tine cultivator digs deeper. That’s why it is suited for arenas with gravel or sand sub-base – where there is no geotextile fabric, rubber or other materials which the tines could dig up. The cultivator is also a great tool for a hobby farmer on smaller fields.


Thumb grab for mini digger

Hydraulic thumb grab is now available as an option also for the mini digger 150. It can be mounted on mini diggers 150 made in January 2021 or later, and can also be retrofitted to older mini diggers by drilling holes for thumb grab cylinder brackets to the digger arm. Thumb grab is useful when handling stones and similar objects which cannot be grabbed with the bucket of the mini digger. Thumb grab and mini digger bucket cannot be operated simultaneously – there is an electric solenoid valve for selecting either the thumb grab or bucket operation. Selection happens either with a switch on the optional Opticontrol® control switch pack (recommended) or with the switch on the electric wire which is delivered with the thumb grab and connected on the 12V outlet on the dashboard of the loader. Thumb grab and bucket movements are then controlled with the auxiliary hydraulics control lever or with the red and blue buttons on the joystick (if fitted on the loader).


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