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This warranty specifically applies to the AVANT 200 / 400 / 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 series loaders only and not to any attachments used with this product.
For all Avant loaders starting from 2015  the warranty period is 3 years.
Warranty is limited to:
-500 working hours on 200- series
-750 working hours on 300- / 400- series
-1000 working hours on R- / 500- / 600- / 700- / 800 series

Any repairs or modifications performed without the prior authorization of AVANT Tecno Oy will cancel this warranty.

During the first year of operation or first  1000  hours (whichever is the soonest) AVANT Tecno Oy warrants to replace any part or repair any defect which may occur, subject to the terms detailed below:

  1. The product has received regular maintenance in accordance with schedules given by the manufacturer and factory approved service centre.
  2. Any damage caused by operation in a negligent manner or exceeding the approved specifications detailed in this manual is excluded.
  3. AVANT Tecno Oy accepts no responsibility for interruption to working or any other consequential losses resulting from any failure of the product.
  4. Only AVANT Tecno Oy approved replacement or original quality parts shall be used during routine maintenance.
  5. Any damage caused by the use of incorrect fuel, lubricants, cooling liquid or cleaning solvents is excluded.
  6. The Avant Warranty excludes any consumable parts (e.g. tyres, batteries, filters, belts etc.) except where it can be clearly shown that these parts were defective on original supply.
  7. Any damage caused resulting from the use of attachments not approved for use with this product is excluded.
  8. For  warranty  to  be  valid  full  service  history is required  when claiming warranty
  9. Electrical components are not covered by warranty

Service schedule changes
Due to changes in the drive system the service interval is increased from 200 hours to 400 hours.

The change applies to loaders in R- / 500- / 600- / 700- / and 800- series.
First service remains at  50h
The service  schedule will remain at 200 hours for the 200, 300 and 400 series loaders.

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