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AVANT MPM Distributors (AVANT SA) started importing AVANT equipment since 2006. With early success and sales in the mining industry the machines quickly became popular amongst mining engineers for their durability and excellent parts and service support.

The concept of the compact multi task articulated loader with large attachment range was also a first in the South African equipment industry.

With many advantages over the skid steer loaders, we have taken the market by storm with relatively good success. We stay humble and have to thank our South African and Namibia customers whom has invested in our brand and made our business a success and continues to do so.
We pride ourselves in the highest levels of after sales support possible offered to our family of valued customers. Very importantly, we have hundreds of great South African and Namibian customer references which we can offer our prospective new customers.

With customers owning machines on which some units has done in excess of 10000 hours and still working daily, we pride ourselves to be involved with such a great quality machine.

The reason for the recently introduced 2 year factory warranty is proof of confidence in our equipment.


We also offer our customers full maintenance lease packages, service plans as well as rent to own finance options. We also offer in house financing through all commercial financial institutions nationwide.

With branches in Western Cape, Gauteng, Durban and Windhoek we offer our well organized support base to our valued customers and are available 24 hours for any technical support.
To all our prospective customers we ask that you do your homework before deciding to purchase any inferior copies of our machines and attachments.

Ask for references and make sure you get the original AVANT loader.
With a dedicated family of sales staff we appreciate your business and for the best deals on AVANT wheels, contact us today.

  • Ask for proof of critical OEM parts in stock with pricing
  • Get proof of factory support in delivering spare parts and the timeline, down time on your machines will be at your cost.
  • Ask for proof of technical support in your area and get to meet the technicians to see if they actually have knowledge of the equipment.
  • Ask for copy of factory warranty
  • Ask for proof of machines abilities, especially lifting capacities.
  • Lastly inspect the inventory of machines and attachments in the country, this will prove the ability of the importer to actually support the equipment.

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