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Avant E-Series

The renewed Avant electric loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® battery packs (13 kWh and 27 kWh)

The renewed Avant E series starts a new era for electric loaders. These third-generation electric loaders are equipped with Avant OptiTemp® lithium-ion batteries, designed and produced specifically for Avant loaders. The batteries are manufactured by Avant Power in Ylöjärvi, Finland.

The new fully electric loader models, the Avant e513 and Avant e527, are identical in dimensions. The only difference lies in the capacity and weight of the lithium-ion batteries.

The Avant e513 is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13 kWh. This loader model is a good choice for intermittent use, e.g. for cattle farms, horse stables, nurseries and gardens with greenhouses and other indoor jobs. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the operating time in medium duty loading work is approximately 3 hours.

The Avant e527 has a higher capacity lithium-ion battery (27 kWh). This loader model is ideal for demanding professional use – a great choice for construction and demolition contractors. The operating time in medium duty loading work is up to 6 hours, depending on the prevailing conditions. With a fully charged Avant e527, you can work all day practically on any construction site.

The e series Avants come with a standard 3 kW battery charger, but the optional rapid charger significantly speeds up battery charging.

Two rapid chargers are available as options: a 400 V / 16 A fast charger and an even more powerful 400 V / 32 A fast charger that allows you to charge the battery of the Avant e527 loader almost fully in less than an hour and a half.


AVANT e513


AVANT e527


Batteries made by Avant – why?


The new OptiTemp battery packs feature a globally unique immersion lithium-ion technology offering Avant users several benefits.

High capacity: up to 27 kWh. The 4-module OptiTemp battery (27 kWh) gives an electric Avant e5 loader twice the capacity of other loaders in its size class. With a 4-module battery in your loader, you can work the whole day with one single charge.

OptiTemp system inside. A globally unique thermal management system keeps the temperature optimized and gives you the same capacity in hot and freezing weather.

Rapid charging. Thanks to the structure of the battery, you can charge your battery in just 1,5 hours with a rapid charger, which enables long workdays.

Absolute safety. Unique solutions for safety – the structure and the immersion cooling system of the battery – guarantee 100% safe batteries.

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