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Sunbrush Solar Panel Cleaner

Cleaning with special PV cleaning devices guarantees consistently high yields and a longer service life of the photovoltaic system. With the innovative cleaning solution this product offers, your photovoltaic systems can be cleaned conveniently in passing.  As a hydraulically operated solar cleaning system, it is suitable to meet the cleaning needs of any photovoltaic system, as long as an unhindered passage is possible.

The unique SunBrush Mobile TrackFlex solar cleaning system enables the thorough (and simultaneously effective) cleaning of solar systems, regardless of the orientation and tilt angle of the solar modules. Thanks to the articulated arm and a brush that can be moved in any direction, even cleaning operations on vertical surfaces (e.g. facades) present no problem at all.

Suitable for cleaning sand, dirt, ammonia buildups, bird droppings etc.

  • ✓ Quick and easy to mount
  • ✓ Straightforward, touch-sensitive operation
  • ✓ Suitable for use in confined spaces
  • ✓ 180° swivel brush rollers

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Carrier Vehicle Requirements

  • Tare weight, carrier vehicle (minimum): 2 tons
  • Hydraulic Performance: Min. 40 L / 200 bar max.
  • Electric Supply: 12 Volt, 3 Pin Plug in cab for joystick

Approximate Cleaning Output (may vary based on multiple factors)

  • Suggested Driving Speed (during cleaning): 2.5km/h
  • Cleaning output per hour: 8000 m2 / hour
  • Cleaning output per day:  80000 m2 /day (10 hour working period)
  • Water consumption: 0,3 Liter per m2 / 0,6 Liter per Module

Technical Specification

  • Item Number: 104143
  • Length: 660 cm
  • Width: 110 cm
  • Height: 140 cm
  • Weight Net: 605 kg
  • Power drive: Fully hydraulic
  • Operating temperature Range: -20 / +50 C°
  • Brush material: Mypren (Polypropylen) UV-resistant
  • Brush diameter: 350 mm
  • Oil filling: Hydraulic oil, SAE 5W30
  • Controls: Proportional Can- Bus Joystick
  • Swivel Range: 180°
  • Spray Settings for water: Single or Double Sided
  • Water System Operating Pressure: 5 bar

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