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High Pressure Washer


Property maintenance

The high pressure washer makes your Avant a moving washing unit – it is a powerful street cleaner, and you can wash your loader, equipment, car etc. easily and efficiently as well.

The washers combine low water consumption and high water flow and pressure. High pressure water takes dust, sand and debris out of asphalt, concrete and similar surfaces and doesn’t therefore emit dust after drying. Low water consumption makes it possible to clean larger areas with a single pass.

The new washer serie features three models with different water tank volumes: 280 l on model S, 560 l on model M and 840 l on model L.  All washers are equipped with both a turnable nozzle bar for street cleaning and a handheld washing gun with 20 m hose roll.

Max. water flow and pressure on models S and M are as high as 30 l/min and 200 bar, and on the largest model L the 50 l/min max. water flow and 220 bar pressure make it a very efficient street cleaning machine on Avant 700 series.

Nozzle bar turning is hydraulic on models M & L, operated from the driver’s seat. Model S is equipped with manual turning.

  • Efficient high pressure washers, equipped with both a nozzle bar for street cleaning and with a handheld washing gun
  • Three models: S, M and L with water tank volumes of 280 l, 560 l and 840 l respectively
  • Models M & L equipped with hydraulic nozzle bar turning for professional street cleaning