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Leaf Blower


Introducing the ultimate Leaf Blower Attachment: Effortlessly Clear Leaves and Debris with Precision and Power

Say goodbye to the back-breaking task of manually raking leaves and welcome the ultimate solution for leaf removal—the hydraulic motor powered leaf blower. Designed to tackle even the most daunting leaf-covered landscapes, this exceptional tool offers unparalleled efficiency, speed, and convenience, making it an indispensable addition to your outdoor maintenance arsenal.

With the leaf blower you can easily and quickly move away large amount of leaves from lawns, yards, sidewalks etc. The hydraulic motor powered blower is very efficient and the big tiltable nozzle blows the leaves away from a large area.

The leaf blower is equipped with electric rotation which allows pointing of airflow exactly to desired direction. Rotation angle is 90° to the left and 145° to the right from the straight forward pointing direction – 235° altogether. Vertical adjustment of the nozzle is manual as standard; stepless electric adjustment is available as an option.


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